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Hops and Hogs Festival
October 5, 2019 Historic Rural Hill Huntersville, NC
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Countdown To Hops and Hogs Festival 2019


General FAQ

Yes. If you need cash, ATMs can be found within the venue.

This is a festival with camping options, so be sure to prepare yourself with the basics. Here’s a list that might help:


Camping gear
Tents & Shelters
Sleeping Bags & Beds
Cooler and/or water jugs
Lantern / flashlight / headlamp (+extra batteries)
Water bottle
Camping chairs, tables, and anything else that might help create a comfortable campsite
Rain gear
Sweatshirt or coat (Yes, it’s North Carolina, but night time will get cool)
Extra shoes/sneakers
Mud boots (in case it rains)
A hat for shade
Bags for trash
Toilet paper (we provide plenty, but backup is nice)
Flag or balloon to easily identify your campsite
Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (avoid keeping keys in your car)


Small stove or grill if you would like to cook some of your own food (please obey our Gasoline/Charcoal/Propane Policy)
Small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring any valuables – if you must, keep them locked out of view in your vehicle)
Vehicle key code (this makes it easy for the locksmith to duplicate your car key if you lose it)
Smokers – bring an ashtray. Every butt you throw on the ground, someone has to pick up.
Blanket (for sitting)
Earplugs (for sleeping)
Portable speakers or radio

On 265 rolling acres, this Colonial-era farm boasts old schoolhouses, ruins & a family graveyard. Here is the address, The address is 4431 Neck Rd Huntersville, NC 28078.

The Venue is the heart of the festival where you’ll see performances, check out the vendors, and explore all kinds of activities. It opens at 11:30 AM on Saturday,  and closes after the last performance ends.

Hops and Hogs will be fully ADA compliant with options for fans with disabilities to come and have a great time. (Please note that grounds can be uneven in places)

Camping FAQ

You may leave and re-enter the camping grounds on foot at any time and as often as you like. Very important: Do not attempt to leave through the Highway Tollbooth, even if you originally came in there.

Camping passes are intended for your vehicle to park AND stay for the duration of the event. You can leave at any time but any vehicle with a camping pass will not be allowed re-entry if it leaves festival property. Should you return you will need to purchase a new camping pass.

Anytime you leave the campgrounds you’ll have to wait in line and go through another vehicle search when you return (just as if you were entering for the first time).

Note: emergency exceptions allowed, please speak to a supervisor or guest services representative for further information.

Camping Patrons can leave the venue and campgrounds at any time through out the event, If you plan to re-enter the event, you MUST have your camping wristband visible and you can ONLY re-enter the venue once. After the first time, you will need repurchase a ticket.

Vehicles with CAMPING PASSES are intended for your vehicle to park AND stay for the duration of the event. You can leave at any time but any vehicle with a CAMPING PASS will not be allowed re-entry if it leaves festival property. Should you return you will need to purchase a new CAMPING PASS. Note: emergency exceptions allowed, please speak to a supervisor or guest services representative for further information

YES Alcohol (Only 2 case of Beer)
PLEASE NOTE:  Liquor and Wine will be confiscated upon intense protection & security car search.
YES Food / drinks – No Glass
YES Point and shoot cameras / cameras with detachable lens less than 2” long
YES Portable camping grill
YES Generator (smaller than 4KW)

NO Kegs
NO Weapons
NO Drones
NO Fireworks
NO Illegal Substances
NO Bicycles or any other 2-wheeled transportation device
NO Professional cameras (with detachable lenses longer than 2” long)
NO Pets
NO Glow sticks
NO Box trucks / trailers
NO Laser pens or similar focused light device                                   

YES 1 factory sealed water bottle (smaller than 1L please)
YES Clear bags made of clear plastic, clear vinyl, or clear pvc which do not exceed 20 x 15 x 9
YES Waist pack, fanny packs, or similar
YES Small Clutch Bags up to 4.5 x 5.5
YES Blankets
YES Lawn chair (less than a foot off the ground)
YES Point and shoot cameras / cameras with detachable lens less than 2” long
YES Totem (Less than 7 feet tall, and less than 1 inch in diameter. Must be made of light material: swim noodles, foam type material, cardboard tubes, fabric, light plastic, balloons, aluminum and/or blow up items.)
YES Flags (We want you to properly represent your country or state while attending Hops and Hogs                                                                                                          

NO Food or drinks – small snacks allowed (Trail mix, yes. Double cheeseburger, no.)
NO Selfie sticks, go pro sticks, tripods
NO Outside alcohol (alcohol will be sold in venue)
NO Chairs that sit higher than 1 foot off the ground
NO Totems made of hard woods and/or other materials that may cause injury if dropped. This includes flag poles and heavy sticks.
NO Anything that’s prohibited elsewhere on festival grounds


Campgrounds will open on Friday, October 4th, at 5PM ET the day before the festival and will remain open until 1:00 PM on Sunday, Oct 6th, 2019.

Every person with a ticket to the festival is welcome to roam the campgrounds, but every vehicle requires a pass, and that pass also designates your campsite.

All camping passes include:

• 2 nights of camping (Friday, Saturday) for everyone in your vehicle
• Access to restroom.

They are per vehicle. Every car, truck, SUV, mini van or other standard vehicle will need a Car Camping Ticket in order to enter the Tollbooth. Every RV will need an RV Ticket.

Note: You cannot get more space than you have vehicles. You will only receive 1 campsite per vehicle – regardless of how many passes you have.

An RV pass is required for each RV entering the campgrounds (think of it like a ticket for your RV). Each RV space will be about 20 X 50. Tents can be set up if they are within this space, and any slides or awnings must fit within this designated space too.

The following vehicles are considered an RV, and require an RV Pass:

• Any size RV: Class A, Class B or Class C
• Any size bus (no tour buses, prevosts or motorcoaches allowed)
• Any vehicle longer than a normal 15-passenger van (20ft.)
• Any vehicle towing a camper or 5th wheel of any size. If you’re hitching anything, it’s an RV.

*Box trucks and trailers are not allowed into the campgrounds.

If you have a gas-powered generator smaller than 4KW, you are allowed to bring the appropriate amount of gasoline to power it. Any excessive amounts of gasoline will be confiscated.

If you have a portable grill or stove, you may bring up to 40 lbs of charcoal and/or a small (20 lbs or less) container of propane. Please note, the small green Coleman propane tanks are limited to 2 per grill.

No. Open flames will not be permitted within the campgrounds or festival site.

When you get there, you’ll funnel into a single which is where you’ll be processed for entry.

You MUST have a vehicle pass for EVERY vehicle in order to pass through the Tollbooth. (you may pass on foot with only a valid ticket)

Your vehicle will be searched upon entry. Please review our list of prohibited items

As you enter the Tollbooth, everyone in your vehicle should have their ticket, in place, and ready to show to the Tollbooth staff.

Once your vehicle is processed, you’re good to enter either camping or General Parking. Next, follow the parking staff’s directions to your camping area – camping locations are on a first come, first served basis.

NOTE:  Upon arrival, one of our parking staff will direct you to the Day Parking Lot. Parking is $20 per car. CASH ONLY

We ask that you don’t clog up the Tollbooth or roads by waiting for your friends. The only way to make sure you camp with them is to arrive together.

Safety & Medical

We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment at Hops and Hogs. On-site security and emergency medical staff will be available.

Medical Emergency Services For your safety, Medical Tents are staffed with nurses and physicians, and a roaming medical staff is always on duty in the concert venue.

WHERE: Located near stage

You can find our safety (aka security) staff roaming through every campground, at the entrance to the Venue and at all stages, as well as throughout all of the Main Venue.

Our safety staff is trained to help make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe. If you have a security issue in the campgrounds, each campground has a security station open 24 hours. Mobile security patrols roam the campground areas at all times and can assist as well.

All vehicles will be searched upon entry to the festival at the Festival Entry/Camping Entry Tollbooths (which you should definitely keep in mind when deciding what to bring).

And prepare to be (politely) searched each time you enter the concert Venue.

Food Safety

Please don’t buy from unlicensed vendors. We work hard to ensure all official food and drink is good and safe. And really, if you buy something from an unlicensed vendor, you have no idea what you’re getting.

Emergency Vehicle Access

Our roads might not look like city streets, but for emergency and maintenance vehicles, they do the job as long as you keep them open. Which is what we ask you to do. Please park in designated areas and don’t drive around the site. Walk on the sides of the roads, and please let all official vehicles through.

Lost & Found


Lose something at the festival? The Box office might have it!

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